Will You Be My Nano-tine?

by Nano Rosetta January 28, 2016

Since Valentine's Day last year, my "Mi Moneda" coin medallion never fails to get compliments. And when my four-year-old placed a sticker on it last week (jewelry designer in training?), the compliments began anew.

This year, I wanted in on the new NanoRosetta line. This technology preserves your photos, letters, certificates--family archives, precious memories--by etching them as holograms upon an indestructible nickel medallion.

These medallions can become pendants, rings, keychains, cufflinks, money clips, trophies...anything. Some can fit the entire Bible or works of Shakespeare on the size of a dime. And the design intricacies are fully visible on NanoRosetta's smartphone app.

When I stopped in to see Carla, she suggested that I select one of NanoRosetta's customizable Valentine's Day designs to make my own--with photos or phrases--and wear inside my Mi Moneda coin holder. What a perfect keepsake and beautiful gift...to myself!

Design selected. Now to find a photo of my kids.

  1. Stay tuned for the finished product!

Nano Rosetta
Nano Rosetta