About us

Imagine the possibilities

Wedding photos that gather the presence of family into one brilliant medallion.  Lockets that celebrate not only grandchildren, but beloved grandparents–generations united into one piece. Retirement gifts that contain a dossier in a dogtag.

All NanoRosetta® creations can be viewed through a magnifier or your companion smartphone app.

We are presenting this cutting-edge technology at an affordable price, because we believe in the power of making memories–and wearing them well.



“I have seen many unique products over my marketing career but nothing as creative and trend setting as NanoRosetta®!

NanoRosetta®’s  innovative technology creates emotional connections with consumers. This product will create a new industry and set the tone for generations to come!”

Marvin Deitz – Chief Marketing  Officer at BlueTie 
and Adjunct Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology.


"People really like it. This is where technology is meeting jewelry and they really get a kick out of that."

Jim Froehler - Retail store owner


"In all my years in retail, I have never sold or seen anything that evokes more emotion. Truly unique and emotional gift."

Carla Froehler- Retail store owner


"When I gave the custom NanoRosetta to my daughter, she was totally blown away. And that's when I decided to do another one for my other daughter because I just love it so much. I can't recommend it enough. I think it's really a lifetime of special treasure that will be handed down for many generations. "

Mikki Doling - Customer


"Knowing that this is something we can carry with us and it will never change, it will never fade, really, to me it's such a great way to capture our family and keep it forever."

Brian Norton  - Customer


On giving custom NanoRosetta of faded photo of her grandmother, "She was taken back, shocked at first and then teared up a little bit. So it was very emotional so I was glad we got that gift."

Sara Sheedy- Customer

"I have given several of these jewelry away knowing that they will last forever and are so unique and meaningful. You can't get them anywhere else. I have three myself and I wear my Bible pendant every single day."

Suzanne Unell - Customer


"She opened up the box and she started looking at it and I didn't hear anything at first and then I realized she was crying. She was looking at all the pictures and I almost wanted to cry."

Rob Felllinger - Customer