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NanoRosetta® will preserve your memories, legacy, family, sentiments and photos in a ‘wearable’ medallion that will last 10,000 years.

Thank you for visiting.  We are delighted to introduce to you and the World, for the very first time, an amazing Rochester, NY invention.  It’s called NanoRosetta® , the blending of beautiful jewelry with tomorrow’s laser technology. 

Each of us has our life’s story.  NanoRosetta® will preserve your sentiments, memories, photos, certificates - anything really, in a wearable medallion that will be both your personal treasure and your gift to future generations.

In addition to personalized designs our pre-designed medallions include “I Love You Mom”, “I love You Dad” and “I Love You” in 193 languages, the complete works of “William Shakespeare”, the “Irish Blessing”, the” Torah”, the “Bible”, the complete poem “How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways” and many more.  Each medallion has a holographic symbol that changes color in the light.  Pre-designed medallion pricing starts at just $60.

Your medallion can be a pendant, necklace, ring, keychain, cufflinks, money clip and more.  We will laser etch your precious memories on to a human-eye readable medallion that will last for 10,000 years.*

NanoRosetta® can be your personal keepsake or it could be the most unique gift you have ever given.

We are presenting this cutting-edge technology at an affordable price, because we believe in the power of making memories–and wearing them well.


Preserve your memories: 3 different sizes

We have 3 different sizes of NanoRosetta medallions to fit a variety of styles.  Our small medallion is about the size of a dime.  The medium size is about the size of a quarter and our large medallion is about the size of a half-dollar.  

small - 19mm, medium - 25.4mm, large - 28mm


Imagine the Possibilities

Wedding photos that gather the presence of family into one brilliant medallion. Lockets that celebrate not only grandchildren, but beloved grandparents–generations united into one piece. Retirement gifts that contain a dossier in a dogtag.

Memorials and Family Photos

Do you worry about loosing your family photos or having them destroyed in a fire?  How long will the harddrive last?  Archive your memories on one of these beautiful pieces and carry them all with you.  They will survive fires, floods and more on a NanoRosetta® Medallion.

NanoRosetta with Family photos.
Safeguarding loving memories for eternity.


Keep your Faith close to your heart

We have the ability to take your faith's spiritual literature and encapsulate it on one of our medallions.  Then wear it around your neck, on a cuff-link or on your key chain.  You can take it with you wherever you go.  A great gift for a loved one or your pastor.

The complete Bible on the NanoRosetta

Favorite Pieces of Literature

Do you have a piece of literature that you adore? Or something that your son or daughter wrote for school.  Have it archived to a NanoRosetta® and cherish it forever.


How do I view the contents of your NanoRosetta?

All NanoRosetta® creations can be viewed through a magnifier or your companion smartphone app.  Learn more on how to view the contents of your custom NanoRosetta®.